Alyzza Agustin is Nerdy but Sexy...and Naked

People are so vapid and useless that their ideas of the perfect girl are so fucking emotionally disconnected. Shit like “she’d be a good mom and homemaker” or “she’s rich” or “her family is nice to me” or “she lets me watch sports” or “she kicks it with the guys and has a beer” or “I can trust her” or “we like the same things” or “we have great conversations” or “we broke down all odds to be together because we were love at first sight” or “she makes me laugh—all superficial and not the core of what matters in a real fucking connection with another person.

The core of what matters is “she has great tits, a hot pussy, she sucks my dick on command, she treats my dick like a sport, and most importantly, she lets me fuck other girls when she’s on her period.” Simple.

I assume these pics of Alyzza Agustin are part of her plan to be the perfect girl to dudes, or more specifically, dudes who are virgin loser nerds. I assume she’s got a lot of experience in knowing what guys want because, you know, she fucks them.

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