Agent Provocateur’s Edgy, Sexy Lingerie Show

Why does everyone go nuts over the Victoria’s Secret fashion show that has been consistently boring as fuck for the last fucking decade? I mean, there are so many more exciting lingerie brands out there that actually make shit happen, like Agent Provocateur.

The company is run by the son of Sex Pistol manager Malcolm McLaren and fashion designer Vivienne Westwood, parents who were pretty fucking edgy people in their own right, paving the way for him to make fucking moves that are far more interesting than some conservative American brand that is conscious of the church and not ruffling any fucking feathers, all just to get men to buy their wives a little something to make them feel sexy in the most wholesome, Christian way.

Agent Provocateur had a fashion show last week, that I wasn’t invited to, but I got the video and figure I’ll post it for you, because this is more fun than the shit Victoria’s Secret is doing next week…even if their headline performer is Justin Bieber! Seriously. Justin fucking Bieber. I was going to write that as a joke, to prove how much of a joke Victoria’s Secret is, but they actually have him booked. 
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