The Top 3 Ultimate Tests in Videogame Prowess

There are few achievements in videogames that can be considered truly unique. However, there is a small selection of feats that only those with the supplest thumbs, the swiftest of fingers and eons of spare time can master. If the tropes about videogamers are to be continued, it’s time to say goodbye to a social life, any interpersonal skills and personal hygiene as you attempt to attain god-like status by mastering the toughest of the tough in the world of console entertainment.

3. Be A Killionaire in Halo 3
Although this sounds like you need to kill a million, which would be impressive, that is not the case though. Being a “Killionaire” is about doing a lot in a short space of time on Halo 3—we’re talking obliterating your opponents, specifically 10 within four seconds. The medal awarded for completing such a successful annihilation of your peers is the highest of its kind, up there with an Oscar.

2. Finish Battletoads
Battletoads is arguably the most difficult game ever created. “Crippling” is how this game that launched on the NES late in its life span is described in terms of a challenge. While the loss of use of one’s legs has not been reported during attempts to succeed as anthropomorphic space toads in an intergalactic setting, sanity hasn’t fared so well.

Notorious levels that have left even the most hardcore of gamers weeping their brains out through their ears come in the form of races. This is where the user has to avoid lethal obstacles that approach at face melting speeds. To succeed, nothing less than reflexes of a bionic cat and a memory like the giant IBM computer are required.

1. Perfect “The Fire and The Flames” On Expert in Guitar Hero
The Dragon Force track “Through The Fire and The Flames” is the toughest of all the songs featured on Guitar Hero. Attempting it on expert level is ludicrous. Anyone who has attempted this will understand the levels of difficulty involved here. It’s quick, like scolded cheetah quick—it lasts around the seven minute mark and contains 3,722 notes that must be played precisely. 
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