Olivia Munn in Sexy Lingerie for GQ

I saw these pictures a month ago but intentionally ignored doing a post on them because I think Olivia Munn is a worthless, bottom-feeding, garbage of a human who exploits virgin losers by cock-teasing them into thinking she’s into their shit, all for fame…and that kind of shit sucks.

Since the readers of this site are virgin losers, into sci-fi, comics, and all the other stuff that help maintain virginity, I think it’s my job as someone who hates that shit, and is too cool for that shit, because I’m into fucking models, to be like a big brother and look out for you guys, by calling Olivia Munn out for the cunt that she is.

But when her cunt is being jacked so hard by panties, even after being Photoshopped, I have no choice but to post it. That’s just what I do here and I justify it as being a good opportunity to mock her a little and call her out for her bullshit—to help inspire you to hate her too. We are an extended family after all.

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