Mossimo Babe Denise Montecillo’s Last Bikini Pics

I just found out a site I work with sold for close to 200 million dollars. That’s a lot of sex, drugs, booze, rock and roll, remote villas, private jets…which brought up the question...the ever burning question of my life: WHY THE FUCK DO I DO THIS WHEN I COULD BE MAKING 200 MILLION DOLLARS?! I guess the answer is...I do it all for the bitches. Even though truthfully, I do it because I’m an alcoholic non-conformist with horrible dance moves who can’t earn a decent living...and I am ok with that because it is fucking gangster if you look at it through a distorted drinking glass that needs a refill.

Here’s Denise Montecillo and her supposedly last appearance in a bikini for any men’s magazine. Her decision makes perfect sense...considering she’s a fucking bikini model. Dumb bitch.

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