Miley Cyrus Does Two and A Half Men...The TV Show, Not Literally

Here are some screenshots of Miley Cyrus on “Two and a Half Men”…even though I find it hard to believe Ashton Kutcher counts as a man, seeing that he’s a little bitch.

I guess “Two and a Half Men” fucking sucks and starving for any attention it can get, because the best thing that ever happened to them was the Charlie Sheen breakdown…or really, it was just Charlie Sheen being Charlie Sheen in general.

Now they must be struggling since this sissy fucker took Charlie’s spot, but I wouldn’t know because I don’t watch this shit. I do know Miley looks pretty hot in it—all push up bra wearing and cleavage enhanced with her lesbian puck rock hipster hair…it’s a bit of a fucking turn on. I guess that’s the show producer’s hope, because they’ll take anything they can fucking get for people to remember they exist. The show airs October 18, if you care.

Here are those promo pics they leaked so people like me do posts like this.

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