Katy Perry Ass Flash

I don’t know if this pic of a ridiculous Katy Perry upskirt is recent, but I do know it is ridiculous. Not because her ass is on blast for everyone to see, fully fucking out there on display like she might as well not be wearing panties or letting midgets follow her up the stairs. It’s ridiculous because there is no way this is her ass!

I don’t know much, but I know Katy Perry’s lower body is thick, sloppy and vile…and I don’t care how extended her legs and ass are or if she’s flexing…she’s a dump truck of a woman and this ass is not hers! If it is, it has been Photoshopped harder than all the dick it’s had cum in it when selling her soul for her career.

The weird thing in all this is that like I dog, I want to sniff it.
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