Japanese Slut’s Breasts All Wet

Here is my fan mail of the day:

Insects like you should be exterminated!!! Creeepy!!

You are vile and repugnant. Sorry you are a deviant pedophile sex offender and hope you are registered! If not, they are coming to get you!

Just because I post about sluts who look underage doesn’t mean I do any illegal shit with actual children. I don’t even joke around or fuck around with anyone who is under 18, because I hate tweens more than I hate myself. They are annoying.

I like my women to be women—far older than 18, more damaged than 18, and more skilled at sex than 18. So this bitch is just fucking dealing with her own raped-molested-angry shit.

I am just here to poke fun at celebrities, make jokes about celebrities, and have a good old Internet time. I’m just sad she didn’t leave her phone number.

Here’s Japanese porn star Saki Yamaguchi giving her luscious boobs a bath. Nothing better like freshly-washed, squeaky clean titties!
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