Gisele Bundchen’s Sexy Supermodel Pics for Vogue Brazil

I don’t know if that whole rumour about Gisele being fired from Victoria’s Secret because she was born with a penis and everyone was starting to find out about it is true...or just made up by me…but I do like to think it’s true, because it also allows me to believe that she faked her pregnancy, that her tits are fake and her cock is real, that your all-American football idol Tom Brady is actually bedding a fucking tranny, because he’s one of those dudes in sports who is gay and who doesn’t come out of the closet for fear of how his teammates will react when they fuck him up the ass to teach him a lesson and build team spirit, knowing he actually enjoys it.

Anyway, Brazil Vogue is giving her love because ladyboys are a huge part of their culture, that’s my theory but who knows? I just want you to keep that in mind as you stare at her hot model ass.

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