Brooke Lee is a Topless Dishwasher

I don’t know who this Brooke Lee bitch is and I am too drunk to bother looking her up on Google. Yes, I drink during the day every day because it is my job. Besides, if you like her that much, you can Google her yourself. You have her name. I’m not your dancing monkey! I’m not your little search engine bitch who Wikipedia’s shit for you and reports back to you! I’m much more than that! I’m a person dammit!

Truth is, I’m not actually mad at you. We’re all still friends here. I just feel like all these bitches are interchangeable and nameless. They aren’t fucking me and I hardly remember the names of girls who are fucking me anyway. I just care that they are getting half-naked to get the fuck ahead in life. I just care that they are topless with big tits, because I like topless girls with big tits—no matter where they are from, what year they were born, or if they are even actual girls…because it’s not gay if they are planning the surgery.

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