The Shallow Man Diaries (Part 70): Joey’s Top Five Religious Experiences

1. The first time I wrote something, and when I came back and read it the next day, had no idea where it came from. The first time the muse entered and took over for me.

2. The first time I heard Jeff Buckley. The voice of an angel.

3. The first time I felt buzzed but not drunk. It was fuzzy. It was happy. Nothing mattered but the feeling.

4. The first time I took Ecstasy. I’m not going to pretend it wasn’t the best drug I’ve ever done in my life. But then, I could never feel the way I felt the first time. After that it was just something to do. So I stopped.

5. The first time I had sex with someone I actually loved. I’m sorry. It was just a moment for me. Sex with love. Quite religious for me. The glow lasted for three days afterward. People actually said I looked different.
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