Lacey Banghard Slutty Topless Workout

I’ve never heard of Lacey Banghard, but apparently she’s some Page 3 Idol winner in the UK, working her way to the top of the Glamour Model world. She’s in line to be the next Katie Price and so many other busty, trashy, trailer park, molested-as-a-child bitches who got topless to make more money than just stripping at the local strip joint.

It’s a business that goes strong, probably because the UK is filled with industrial revolution spillover, you know, men who work factories and machines, who chimney sweep and spend their days covered in oil, in need of their own “office” decor that comes in the form of a cheesy bitch with huge tits in a calendar.

She even gave herself the stage name “Banghard,” and with a name like that, it’s safe to say what kind of girl she is: one who seeks attention and is willing to get naked for it. In other words, she’s the best kind of girl. Daddy issues all over my dick and positive reaffirmations that she’s addicted to, giving her confidence to show off her tits to get more attention as all girls should.

You know, she’s subliminally making us think she actually bangs hard, when girls like this just don’t know how to fuck. They are too into themselves and putting on a show to suck fucking dick like they are supposed to. It’s a fact.

The bitches who strip and strive for attention just don’t fuck like an insecure fat girl does. Bitches like these have a false sense of importance. She’s not a real slut! She’s hiding her pussy! That’s how you differentiate real sluts from the wholesome ones.

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