Jennylyn Mercado Sizzling Hot Pics

Jennylyn Mercado has an amazing fucking body, which is all I really care about, because I don’t have the luxury of being in her entourage…or having her sit on my face, grinding against my chin, until she squirts.

So I don’t get the “benefit” of listening to her whine and complain, like the annoying spoiled brat that she is. So in a lot of ways, those of us who don’t have to hear her talk, who don’t have to listen to her shit, and who don’t have to wipe her ass for her—even though I’d like that as long as I get to use my tongue as toilet paper—are the lucky ones, because we can just crop out her muppet head and focus on her good parts while jerking off. It’s all about looking on the bright side of your pathetic Facebook profile pic masturbation existence.

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