Simran mundi - hot new model

Simran Kaur Mundi was crowned Pantaloons Femina Miss India Universe 2008, in April 2008. Simran represent India in the Miss Universe 2008 pageant.
Simran Kaur, who has grown up in Mumbai, wants to open a beauty school in India that
will help aspiring models to get the required grooming and etiquette. She is a
biotechnology student from Versova. Simran loves sketching, listening to music,
playing basketball, and being around kids. Simran works for a cinema chain in
In the Femina Miss India 2008 pageant, in which Parvathy Omanakuttan was
crowned Miss 2008 winner, Simran Kaur Mundi was the first runner-up.
Recently she was one of the contestanat in shahrukh's show "zor ka jhatka"

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The Top 5 Longest Waits for Movie Sequels

It’s still hard to believe: in four years—the time it takes most to finish college—Marvel Comics got their cinematic act together. They created a sprawling universe with their most famous superheroes across six movies, culminating in this year’s mammoth “The Avengers.” In those same four years, Christopher Nolan made his second and third Batman films, two of the most consistently challenging and unique entries in the superhero movie genre. The wait’s not always worth it—three Transformers movies came out in four years, after all—but Hollywood is doing its best to make our nerd fantasies come true in no time flat.

Yet we’ve also seen some incredibly long gaps between entries in our favorite existing and would-be franchises. The best laid plans of studios (usually, to get sequels in the can before their beloved actors age out or move on to other things) sometimes go awry for a variety of reasons. But, as this list shows, sometimes the wait is surprisingly intense, yet bizarrely worth it. And’s not.

5. “The Terminator” to “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” – 7 Years
James Cameron probably wasn’t thinking “franchise” when the his low-budget sci-fi potboiler “The Terminator” hit theaters in 1984. But Arnold Schwarzenegger’s commanding performance as the unstoppable cyborg assassin certainly got people to take the muscled Austrian seriously; he’d assume a slew of action-packed leading roles over the next 20 years.

When the 1990s dawned, Cameron realized there was more to the nuclear war tale than one breakout flick could tell, and in 1991 released a sequel unprecedented in size, scope and price tag, breaking all budget records at the time. But audiences bought it, thanks to eye-popping visuals and command performances by the cast, including Schwarzenegger as a robot fighting for good and the steely Robert Patrick as the shape-shifting villain, the T-1000.

4. “The X-Files: Fight the Future” to “The X-Files: I Want to Believe” – 10 Years
No matter how hard Chris Carter and company would try, the rich mythology of The X-Files would lead to a bit of a disconnect on the big screen. Released as sort of a bridge between the series’ fifth and sixth seasons, “Fight the Future” was, at worst, no more than an expanded episode of the show, with little of the ambitious expansion a film adaptation could enjoy.

Ten years later—six years after the show left the airwaves—Scully and Mulder returned for “I Want to Believe,” eschewing the overarching series narrative in favor of an isolated monster-of-the-week yarn. Like its silver screen predecessor, it, too, was not much of a hit.

3. “Men in Black II” to “Men in Black 3” – 10 Years
Five years elapsed between 1997’s “Men in Black,” a snappy adaptation of the Malibu comic with a deft blend of ‘60s retro sci-fi sentiment and hip ‘90s blockbuster trends, and 2002’s “Men in Black II,” arguably the most disappointing sci-fi / comedy sequel since the Ghostbusters rode the Statue of Liberty.

But time was not kind to the franchise in the decade that elapsed between “MIIB” and this year’s incredibly lazy third installment, beleaguered by production delays, outdated jokes and a seeming inability to remember what people liked about the first film—even Will Smith couldn’t be bothered to come out of rap retirement to pen a song for the end credits, instead farming the duties out to incredibly agitating rapper Pitbull.

2. “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” to “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” – 19 Years
Look, it’s not that more Indiana Jones films are intrinsically bad ideas. Provided you can find a captivating reason for Harrison Ford to don the fedora and leather jacket again, the rest should fall into place without much effort. But the fact that it took so long to come up with what we ultimately flocked to see in 2008, not to mention that creators George Lucas and Steven Spielberg are now radically different filmmakers than the young adventurers who created the character on a beach in Hawaii some 35 years ago, nearly spelled doom for the ultimate hero before Shia LaBeouf even grabbed a single vine.

1. “Tron” to “Tron Legacy” – 28 Years
With all the diminishing returns on sequels made nearly 20 years after their predecessors, what made “Tron Legacy” such a rousing success? Was it the sincere devotion from the filmmakers to the silly-but-fun original? Disney’s desire to make something profitable for young boys that somehow paid respect to their parents? Daft Punk’s turbo-charged soundtrack? Jeff Bridges’ eternal…Jeff Bridges-ness? Whatever the real reason, it’s kind of amazing the would-be Tron 2.0 became something so lastingly cool nearly three decades after the original film seemingly came and went.
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Michaela Grauke’s Traveling Titties for Playboy

Michaela Grauke, despite the probable STDs, is awesome. She’s the kind of bitch you eat out even if you know it’s gonna end in serious cold sores, you know, the nuclear-resistant kind that ravages your throat and leaves unable to eat for months. She’s worth it despite the pain and suffering. You look at the positive, like weight loss and the fact you just ate out Michaela Grauke.

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I Wish Lorraine De Jesus Would be My Girlfriend

Lorraine De Jesus is an amazing model! She’s fucking hot, has great titties, and she’s not afraid to get paid to show them off in pictures, like a good little model whore I would want to make an honest woman out of…if “honest woman” is defined by “fucking a bitch up the ass until I cum while she’s asleep.” I’m classy like that…

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Anash Asia Gomez is Ass-tastic!

I was walking the dog this morning and came across some chick who was also walking her dog. Fortunately, the bitch was wearing a see-through top with no bra on. Unfortunately, she looked like she weighed 300 pounds…but I still saw nipple and more importantly, if she was 150 pounds lighter, she would have rated a solid 7.

Here’s Anash Asia Gomez showing off her sweet butt that I would totally fuck without a condom, that’s how good it looks. Enjoy, you anal pervs!
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Jessica Biel is Topless! And Maybe Married To Justin Timberlake…Who Cares?

Jessica Biel was in Puerto Rico on Saturday, visiting Justin Timberlake who is there filming the idiotically titled “Runner, Runner” with Ben Affleck, but showbiz blogger Janet Charlton says they flew to Wyoming that same day and secretly got married.

Maybe this is true. Or maybe it’s not. I’m gonna post these old slutty pictures of Jessica Biel either way, because some of us take the high road Janet Charlton—we don’t trade in rumor and innuendo. This is how you get respect in this industry.

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Jennifer Aniston is Box Office Gold in Bra and Panties

Wait a second Hollywood…are you telling me that if I buy a ticket to “We’re The Millers,” starring Jennifer Aniston, I’ll get to hear her read jokes with the robotic delivery of a GPS unit AND see the bra of an unattractive, old lady with B cups?

Well congratulations, you’ve done it again! Here’s my money. Is $100 enough? $200? Name your price Hollywood. Please don’t tell me I’m too late and opening weekend is already sold out. And yes, I was being sarcastic, you doofus!
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Shakira Flaunts Her Breasts On Video

It has been a while since we’ve heard from the Mexican whore known as Shakira, but as you can see in the video above, she is still up to her old slutty tricks, brazenly flaunting her chesticles for everyone to see.
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Nickelback Sucks, Part 2: Avril Lavigne Engaged To Nickelback Singer (This Is Your Cue To Laugh Until You Cry)

This post proves without a doubt the existence of Lucifer. The Devil is alive and has a really messed up way of screwing with our souls, because he has joined Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger together in an unholy union of suck.

Sometime before February, Avril Lavigne made the Canadian embassy in Hell cackle with laughter by getting on Nickelback singer Chad Kroeger. Their rep tells People that the two Canadian ear killers got close while working on a song together six months ago and now they’re engaged to be married. Chad gave Avril a 14-carat diamond ring on August 8th. This will be 37-year-old Chad’s first marriage and 27-year-old Avril’s second.

But for why are they engaged after only 6 months? Please don’t tell me she’s knocked up, because I’m really not ready for the Antichrist to rip apart the Earth’s crust by making the worst music civilization has ever heard.

It’s truly the end of days, because you know Ke$hit will be the maid of honor, Justin Bieber will officiate, and Creed’s Scott Stapp will be best man. Oh here go Hell come.

And the scariest words in the English language are officially: AVRIL KROEGER. I’m pretty sure that was the full name of the Devil’s first born.

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Nickelback Sucks, Part 1: So This is What its Come To, George Costanza?

Jason Alexander has that syndicated “Seinfeld” money, so if he really wanted to, he could spend his entire days lounging by his pool with a white wine spritzer in his hand and that poodle’s ass he calls a toupee sitting on the chair to next him. That is the life.

But I guess Jason wants to stay out there and keep humping that spotlight, because here he is as a coffee barista in a Nickelback (a.k.a. THE WORST BAND EVER) video. Yes, George from “Seinfeld” as a coffee barista in a Nicklefuckingback video. It is such a piece of random shit that you just have to laugh at it for being a piece of random shit.

Brooke Burns from “North Shore” (yes, I watched “North Shore”) is in this mess too and she just adds another layer of foolery by giving Jason a latte foam facial and rolling around in a bed of coffee beans. This is what it would look like if one of my favorite videos, The Cars’ “You Might Think,” took a long bath in coffee sludge and cold shit.

If somebody ever asks you what the initials WTF stand for, just show them this awful wreck. This is WTF’s official orientation video.
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Kelly Brook Makes All Lingerie Look Sexy

If I owned my own underwear company, then I too would get Kelly Brook to model my wares. She’s got the body that every woman wants and that every man wants as well. So in theory she’s a walking, talking bra and panties mannequin.

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Amanda Seyfried Hard Nipples in Workout Gear

Amanda Seyfried was my favorite Hollywood whore for about a minute a few years ago and I don’t really know what I liked about her. I assume it had to do with her willingness to get naked in movies, while at the same time filming Disney movies, confusing me and her tween fans into trying to figure out why she was wholesome and G-rated one month, and eating out Julianne Moore’s vagina the next month. Somehow, her rocking tits on her small frame made it all ok. Here she is with hard nipples, in workout gear, and I like it…

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MILFs Pam Anderson and Carmen Electra for Lovecat Magazine

There comes a time in every woman’s life when she hits a certain age and her vagina can no longer be referred to as a vagina because it’s atrophied, ineffective, no longer functional—specially when it’s disease-ridden and pretty much living on dialysis treatment.

I think it’s safe to say that both Pam Anderson and Carmen Electra, and my memories from jerking off to these bitches back in the 90s, are at that point…but their retarded fake tits keep on delivering, because I guess they are still tween aged.

Lovecat magazine recruited these hags, and here are some of the pics. If you like expired milk, this is for you…

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Vanessa Hudgens in Stripper Mode, Working a Pole in Bra and Panties

Vanessa Hudgens is reinventing herself from the useless Disney pawn who probably had to suck dick to get the job, to playing a half-naked stripper in the movie “The Frozen Ground,” and although she’s got a little pudge, seeing her working the pole feels like home.

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