Top 5 Most Disturbing Horror Movies Ever

Admit it. You love it when you watch a film that sits with you for hours, even days after.  Your stomach twists and turns, you cover your eyes but peek through your hands because you can’t miss a minute. You get that strange internal shudder that goes down your spine all the way to your toes. Your mouth tastes slightly off afterwards.

Yes, I love a good ol’ sick movie. Not necessarily scary as in jump-scares. More like scary as in could-this-really-happen-because-if-it-did-I-would-never-sleep-again. The most disturbing horror movies have a range of characteristics; while some are stomach-churning with oozy visceral goodness, some are mentally disturbing that leave you questioning the sicko who actually came up with the film’s concept. Here are the ones that particularly resonated with me—for all the WRONG reasons.

5. Deadgirl
This film is about a group of high school boys who discover a woman in an abandoned mental asylum who is literally unable to die. Bound to a hospital bed, the boys’ hormones get the better of them and they proceed to experiment (in a number of different disturbing ways) with the woman. It is quite disgusting and creates a lot of questions about morals and integrity. Worth a look but not for the weak stomached.

4. House of 1000 Corpses
I like Rob Zombie’s music and his films are quite good. This one, being his first, still churns my stomach to this day. While the whole of the movie itself wasn’t particularly scary, some of the moments were quite horrific. I can still picture the half-man, half-fish and it gives me some serious heebie-jeebies.  Let’s face it: anything with deranged carnies will make anybody feel sick.

3. Se7en
Probably considered more thriller than horror, “Se7en” is by far one of my favorite movies. Of all the concepts highlighted in the film, I have to say there is one sin that really got to me: Gluttony. I won’t say any more.

2. The Hills Have Eyes
Mutations and deformations make me absolutely sick to the stomach, especially those made for sheer horrific entertainment. The remake of “The Hills Have Eyes” is one of the most disturbing films I have ever watched and is relentless even after multiple viewings.  I will count all of the mutants as equally disturbing in this one.  However, it’s what they do to the family motor-homing across the state that really freak me out. The baby, the rape, the scene where they go into the mutants’ house…ugh. My stomach is gurgling as I type.

1. Irreversible
I had only heard a little about this film before watching it.  A friend said his girlfriend had banned it from their house and said, “I bet you can’t sit through more than half an hour of it.” Challenge accepted! But did I expect such a brutal, violent, grizzly film? Not at all. There are a lot of online references to the nine-minute rape scene of Monica Belucci, however I felt absolutely disgusted at the head bashing earlier on in the film.  Not for the faint hearted but worth fulfilling that sense of curiosity we all have.
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