Top 5 Batman Villains We Wish We’d Seen in The Dark Knight Trilogy

The cool thing about Christopher Nolan’s interpretation of Batman’s villains is that they’re all steeped in realism. We never imagined Joker the way Christopher Nolan envisioned him. It was sick. Siiiiiiiick!

But that’s the thing. Now that “The Dark Knight Rises,” the final Batman film in Nolan’s trilogy, is already showing in theaters, and Bane (played by Tom Hardy) is its main antagonist, we know that there’s a whole rogues gallery out there that we’ll never get to see put to film under the director’s vision. Here are the Top 5 Batman villains we wish we’d seen in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy. Somebody get us a hanky. Not seeing these characters in one of his flicks is criminal.

5. Killer Croc
Killer Croc seems like a difficult character to translate to Nolan’s world, considering that he’s basically a human crocodile. But that’s the comic books, and Nolan clearly doesn’t follow the comic books to a T—Bane would be about four times Batman’s size if he did.

Croc could be like how he started in the comic with the very real disease Epidermolytic hyperkeratosis. In the film, he would be a serial killer with really bad skin, and Batman could wrestle him in the sewer. How intense would that be? Yep, pretty damn intense, indeed.

4. The Ventriloquist
OK, so the Ventriloquist would probably ruin Christopher Nolan’s career if he ever attempted using him as a villain. Or, it could solidify him as the most inventive director of all time if he actually pulled it off. Either way, we would have loved to have seen this bizarre villain put to film, as he’s quite possibly the craziest of all of Batman’s villains. Yes, even crazier than the Joker.

The Ventriloquist’s insanity has no bounds. Holding a doll aptly named Scarface, he honestly believes that the doll is calling the shots, and this would have made an interesting dynamic in Nolan’s world. We could actually feel bad for the villain this time. He’s seriously mentally ill.

3. The Mad Hatter
Mind-control. That’s Mad Hatter’s game. And while The Joker played a mind-control game of his own with Batman in “The Dark Knight,” the Mad Hatter would have other plans of controlling every mind in Gotham City if he were in a movie, possibly with another airborne chemical or hallucinogenic like the one Scarecrow used in “Batman Begins.”

We can’t see Nolan relying on a character using hats to control people. That’s just a little silly and too outlandish for Nolan’s world. But who knows? Maybe Nolan would even make the whole Alice in Wonderland complex that the Mad Hatter has work. He made Scarecrow work after all, and that was no small feat.

2. The Riddler
A lot of people said that The Riddler would be a bad choice for a Christopher Nolan movie since we already had the Joker, and all we have to say to that is, huh? The Riddler would be a totally different character in Nolan’s hands. We’re thinking Nolan would finally whip out the detective side of the Dark Knight, having the Riddler sprinkling crimes all over Gotham and Batman having to solve them before a church explodes, or something else terrible happens.

We lament that we’ll never see him. But there’s one character that we’d like to see Christopher Nolan tackle even more...

1. Hugo Strange
Professor Hugo Strange has a long history with Batman, preceding even Joker and Catwoman, and even knows that he’s Bruce Wayne. And if his appearance in the game “Arkham City,” where he locks the Dark Knight down in a super-prison with some of Gotham’s worst criminals, is any indication of what could be done with him, he’s definitely a character who would be put to great use in Nolan’s world.
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