The Top 5 Vampire Hunters of All Time

These days, everyone loves vampires. Vampires are romantic and seductive. You almost forget that anyone could actually consider them to be…monsters. With the release of “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter,” we thought that it might be good to see where old Honest Abe ranked on the list. Also, hasn’t the time come to give some sort of tribute to those with the thankless job of attempting to rid the world of beings that could possibly drink you dry?

5. Abraham Lincoln
Putting Abraham Lincoln at the very last on the list is not a slight to Mr. Lincoln, it is a tribute to those who pass in front of him. According to the “secret diaries” published by Seth Grahame-Smith in 2010, Abraham Lincoln was tormented by bloodsuckers at an early age. When Thomas Lincoln (Abraham’s father), failed in a debt to a vampire, they killed Abraham’s mother. Lincoln then discovered that southern plantation owners (who were vampires) were harvesting slaves as a ready source of food. That would be when our beloved sixteenth president took an axe and made the undead population his own personal cherry tree!

4. Blade
Blade was born to a prostitute who had been feasted upon by the vampire Deacon Frost. Blade grew up to be a half vampire/half human hybrid possessing both prolonged life as well as bloodlust. For cursing him with his condition, Blade hunted the vampiric kind that created him with relentless efficiency. Blade uses an arsenal of vampire killing weapons, however he usually prefers to kill the vampires personally with his sword.

3. The Frog Brothers
Raised in the vampire-infested town of Santa Carla, California, the Frog Brothers (Edgar and Allan Frog) see their destiny to destroy vampires as children. After eliminating a pack of vampires who would become known as The Lost Boys, the Frog brothers set out on destroying the eternal “head vampire.” Along the way, Allan Frog himself is turned into a vampire. Edgar continues to hunt and destroy vampires alone. The Frog Brothers later re-unite to destroy a “head vampire” that grants Allan Frog his salvation. However, the Frog Brothers mission may never be truly done.

2. Buffy, The Vampire Slayer
In the television series starring Sarah Michelle Gellar, Buffy Summers is a cheerleaders who is revealed to be one of “the chosen one.” Those that are chosen have the power to defend the world from vampires, werewolves, and all sorts of monsters. Buffy leads a plucky gang of misfits to stop the horrors constantly invading her town of Sunnydale.

1. Abraham Van Helsing
The greatest vampire ever created would naturally inspire the greatest vampire hunter. In Bram Stoker’s novel “Dracula,” Dutch physician Abraham Van Helsing is called to England to study the case of Lucy Westerna. Westerna has come under the thrall of Count Dracula and subsequently turned into a vampire. With Van Helsing’s assistance, Westerna is destroyed.  Van Helsing then takes a group to Transylvania to track down as well as ultimately destroy Count Dracula. In subsequent media and literature, Van Helsing as well as his family stand against vampires for generations to come. Van Helsing becomes “the gold standard” of names when a vampire needs to be pursued and destroyed.
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