The Photoshop Awards: Lady GaGa’s Perfume Ad

Lady GaGa’s putting out her first bottle of stank (smells like whatever Madonna’s perfume smells like but with a twist of tuck sweat and dash of copy machine toner) and here’s the ad for this mess photographed by Steven Klein.

You know, it’s just GaGa wearing one of Madonna’s old Dita masks and airing out her pitt-less armpit while tiny men wearing garbage bag diapers and gas masks crawl all over her body. I wondered why those dudes have gas masks on, but then I realized that it’s probably because she’s got her pit out and her vagina’s uncovered. You’d wear a gas mask too.

I don’t have a degree in GaGaology, so I don’t know what this ad means, but I’m guessing those little men are supposed to be trying to get a piece of her fame. Or maybe she’s so evolved that her pussy crabs have mutated into humans. That must be it.

And damn at that body. She’s on the right track, baby, she was Photoshopped this way.
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