Sophie Turner is a Hypocritical Bitch, Still Looks Good in a Bikini

Sophie Turner is some old, washed-up, stripper trash who tried really hard to make it, but never quite made it. Let’s take a look at her bio from her site:

Sophie Turner grew up in southern Australia as the youngest of four children, immersed in a family that practiced the importance of traditional morals and values.

I think that’s all we really need to know about her…and that those “traditional morals and values,” whatever the fuck that means, involve prostituting herself on the Internet, showing off her fake tits.

Her real claim to fame is that she was in law school, but dropped out to pursue her dream of being a slut people jerk off to back in 2001. By 2008, she realized that dream was going nowhere, so she went back to school, but as her bio concludes:

Sophie continues to share her star quality with the world at large.

I am always amazed people like this exist. Here are her “traditional morals and values,” half-naked on the Internet via Twitter.

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