Michelle Jenneke Turns Up The Music and The Magic!!!

Michelle Jenneke is the 19-year-old Australian runner who leaped into the hearts of the Internet this week when this video set to twerkin’ music of her swishing her hips, bouncing her chichis and swaying her ponytail like she’s got veins full of bubbles made the rounds.

At the IAAF World Junior Championships in Barcelona last weekend, Michelle warmed up by turning on the music in her head before making hos fall back by hitting them with her hip shimmy. It’s like she’s bouncing on sunshine. Homegirl even busts out some jazz fingers like her hand pores are spitting out fairy sparks. Seeing Michelle look thirty shades of happy makes me feel at least one shade of happy and that’s saying a lot since I’m usually a bitter, miserable, straight-up crusty bitch. Michelle won’t be spreading the sunshine at the Olympics this summer, but she still wins the gold medal in MAGIC!

And if you’re a purist, here’s the original:
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