Maxene Magalona is All Grown Up

Anyone who reads this site probably knows that all guys like fit girls, no matter how fat their wives may be, or how dumpy the girls they fuck or try to fuck are. Because that shit is just a product of circumstance, and if they won the lottery, they wouldn’t bother with the garbage chicks, but would instead focus on the fit bitches.

The reason we like young girls is because their metabolism is still functioning efficiently, and historically, 14-year-olds are considered to be in their sexually prime, even 150 years ago. That means this whole “no fucking a slut until she’s18-years-old and above” is modern and dated and doesn’t take into account that girls are getting their periods when they hit 8.

Not that I think banging 14-year-olds is right. I am just saying we are programmed to like young girls at our genetic core, so that’s probably why we like these 18-year-old skinny girls, who could use a good set of fake tits, because they aren’t 30 and fat. So let the 30-year-old fat chicks hate on that…while I try to jerk off to these pics of Maxene Magalona in a bikini.

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