Iya Villania Gets Wet

I get so much hate for encouraging eating disorders when really, I am just endorsing a fit, hot body. You see, a lot of chicks these days are obese. These bitches eat too much and doing a little fasting and cutting down calories and cake would do these gluttonous sluts some fucking good.

But these pig girls get all defensive and think eating some fucking lettuce and carrots and fish for a fucking change for a couple of months making them drop fifty fucking pounds is giving them bad advice and giving them negative body images. The reality is that if you are fat, you SHOULD have a negative body image and if I don’t tell you, heart disease and diabetes will.

You’re all a bunch of fucking pussies, fighting society even though society is the one telling you to love your size 16, because society wants you to buy their products—from processed foods to elastic band pants, from the newest fad in weight loss products to healthcare costs—because fat people are a multi-billion dollar industry. They want you fat! I’m just trying to help you get some perspective. Starve yourself.

Here’s the non-obese and very fit Iya Villania dripping wet in a pool naked except for a wristwatch she’s obviously promoting as water-proof because people like to wear watches when they go swimming. Yes, I was being sarcastic.

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