Facebook Star Kate Suarez Slutty Pics

For every message I get that reads:

You suck. Die.


Learn how to write, we don’t get your genius jokes, commentary and writing style.

I get messages that touch my soul like:

I want you to fuck me up the ass, cum in me, so I can fart your cum back into your mouth.

Truly, the Internet, and all the gloriously perverted people who make it up, are pretty fucking entertaining. But sometimes, real life is entertaining too. So with that thought, I close my MacBook for the day to have a great Friday night.

For those less fortunate than me and who have not yet killed themselves, I leave you with some hot pics of Kate Suarez, some random chick I added up on Facebook. She’s already got 4,000++ fans on her friends list, and I bet each and every one of them is waiting for her next photo. A star is born!

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