Excuse My Beauty: The Mug Shot of My Dreams

This is Tonya Ann Fowler, a delicate Georgia blossom who knows the importance of putting your best beauty forward during a mug shot glamour shoot.

When 45-year-old Tonya Ann Fowler was arrested a while ago for making “terrorist threats,” she didn’t have her glam team at her side before she posed in the mug shot above. Cut to last Sunday when Tonya Ann saw her mug shot portrait in the local paper’s “Bad & Busted” section and was not loving it!

Tonya Ann did not love her double stuffed eye bags (the one on the left sort of looks like a sideways butt crack), meth-eaten brows and raggedy poodle with a mullet hairstyle. So Opposing Views says that she picked up the phone, dialed 911 and complained about her mug shot to the operator.

Tonya Ann was arrested for wasting 911’s time and the good news is that she got to redo her mug shot. This is the “Marty Feldman as Aileen Wuornos” glamour Tonya Ann brought to her second mug shot photo shoot:

Tonya Ann is way too hard on herself, because bitch nailed it in the first mug shot and she nailed it in the second. Both pictures look straight out of the pages of Vogue Chernobyl. This is the reason why you can’t spell “flower” without Fowler.
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