Celebrities Sober, Celebrities Drunk: A Glorious Gallery of Gorgeousness

After 2 weeks, 3 days, 4 hours, 9 minutes, 47 Red Bulls, and 1 restraining order taken out against me by a Pizza Hut deliveryman (extra sauce means extra sauce, asshole), I finally found a picture of Tara Reid sober. Unfortunately it was taken at her 7th birthday party in 1982, so for this gallery, I had to use a computer-generated picture of what scientists believe a sober Tara Reid may look like.

Christina Aguilera Sober, Christina Aguilera Drunk

Pamela Anderson Sober, Pamela Anderson Drunk

Tara Reid Sober, Tara Reid Drunk

Britney Spears Sober, Britney Spears Drunk

Kate Moss Sober, Kate Moss Drunk

Lindsay Lohan Sober, Lindsay Lohan Drunk

Alessandra Ambrosio Sober, Alessandra Ambrosio Drunk
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