Candice Swanepoel in Slutty Lingerie and I Love It!

Sometimes I wonder how many Candice Swanepoel posts I can do in a year before the site turns into a Candice Swanepoel fan site, because as much as I hate to admit, I am a fan. But not for any real reason other than the fact that she likes to get naked, she isn’t fat, and she’s got a good face. I mean, that’s the extent of what I know about her. I’m not a weirdo who tries to get to know her at her core and really understand what brought her from AIDS-ridden South Africa to the US of A. I will just assume it was “blood diamonds,” or something even more horrible and corrupt: Victoria’s Secret. That said, here are some pics of her in lingerie, because that’s what she does, it’s her job, and a big reason why we like her, and the only reason why we know she exists. 

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