Alexa Vega a.k.a. Girl From “Spy Kids” Now Has Titties

Alex Vega seems interesting. She’s some 23-year-old who I haven’t heard of but for those of you perverts who track child stars, she’s the girl from “Spy Kids” and “Twister.”

Yes, it’s always fun to see some child star who you never noticed before suddenly have tits. But if you did notice, maybe it’s because you are weird and are into that. It’s like, you don’t care about the tits, you’re more into cross-referencing her work from 1996 because DVDs make her 12-years-old forever, at least for your masturbation purposes.

Unless you’re one of those weirdoes who’s into child stars because you like to predict how hot they’re going to grow up to be—not like a pedophile, but like a person who likes to plan and wait for his jerk off opportunity, you know watch it grow…and today is the day! Makes sense because it turns out she’s married to a 36-year-old and is into that whole daddy issue shit. It also turns out that she’s a gymnast—this girl is nothing but a win.
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