Rina Koike | Sexy Japanese Actress and - Models

Name: Rina Koike
Birthdate: 1993-September-3
Current age: 19 (as of 2012)
Nationality: Japanese
Birthplace: Tochigi Prefecture, Japan
Profession: Actress and Model

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Aino Kishi | Bikini and Nude - New Hot Photo Gallery

Name: Aino Kishi
Birthdate: 1988-Feb-01
Current age: 22 (as of 2010)
Nationality: Japanese
Hometown: Tokyo
Profession: Gravure Model


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Sexy Japanese Race Queen | Kozue Nitta Hot Photo Gallery

Name: Kozue Nitta
Birthdate: 1986-February-4
Current age: 26 (as of 2012)
Hometown: Okayama, Japan
Nationality: Japanese
Profession: Model and Race Queen

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Top 5 Laughably Failed Attempts at Superhero Movies

Both DC Comics and Marvel would have you think that big budget, blockbuster films like “Man of Steel,” “The Amazing Spider-Man,” “The Dark Knight Rises,” “X-Men: First Class,” and “The Avengers” are their only attempts to bring popular comic book characters into the live-action arena. They would like everyone to forget the sometimes absurd, ridiculous and often ugly reality: that there were numerous early—and failed—attempts to bring super heroes to both the big and small screens.

Over the next few pages you can read about these early superhero attempts and the actors who portrayed them on-screen. Some you may be familiar with, but we’ll bet you’ve never heard of many of them.

5. The Phantom
1943 – Columbia Pictures created a 15-part serial based on the Lee Falk’s popular comic strip called The Phantom, about a masked crusader fighting off poachers in the jungles with his trusted German shepherd at his side.

“The Ghost Who Walks” could have used a better costume though, as the striped briefs make him look ridiculous.

4. Daredevil
1975 –This extremely laughable attempt at creating Daredevil for television was the brainchild of Angela Bowie—the wife of singer David Bowie. Fortunately, the network nixed the idea due to budget concerns before it ever got off the ground. This photo shoot  (pictured on left) was as far as it went.

3. The Fantastic Four
1994 – Low-budget B-movie king Roger Corman was chosen to bring Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s super-powered group The Fantastic Four to life. Unfortunately, they only allowed him a budget of a scant $1.5 million—most of which he spent on The Thing’s suit.

As with most early attempts at live-action superheroes, the film suffered from the limited special effects technology of the day. While The Thing’s rock suit was actually pretty good and the Human Torch looked okay, Mr. Fantastic’s stretching ability was laughable and Invisible Woman’s power was displayed by just making her no longer appear in frame.

2. Dr. Strange
1978 – Peter Hooten played Dr. Stephen Strange in this ill-fated TV movie attempt by Marvel. The film was supposed to be the launching vehicle for a Dr. Strange TV series but after the film received a less than lukewarm reception by audiences, the project was nixed.

1. She-Hulk
1990 –Writer/Director Larry Cohen planned a live-action big screen adaptation of She-Hulk with Sylvester Stallone ex-wife Brigitte Neilsen announced to play the title role in 1990. However, all that came of the project was a series of photographs with Neilsen dressed as She-Hulk and her alter ego Jennifer Walters.
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Jessica Alba Showing Boobies!!!

I don’t know what this photo shoot is for, but I like seeing Jessica Alba topless, flashing titties, pretty much looking like she’s fallen over from being roofied at her high school prom by some sexual predator, let’s say someone like me. So this someone drugs Alba to have a clear path to her golden, fleshy, baby-making cavern of all things good in the world, because mom or not, Alba is still pretty fucking hot, and mom or not, I can still have fantasies of being the guy she never gave the time of day to, getting up inside her while she rests. It’s a totally normal fantasy. Google it if you don’t believe me…
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G Toengi is Back…Now with Titties!!!

I’ve been into adventures lately. You know, going out there and meeting sluts, convincing them to take nudes with me, or take nudes on me…but I haven’t actually bothered going on any adventures. I have Facebook for that. You see, I’m equally unsuccessful from the comfort of my own disgusting, miserable hell I call home.

So here’s G Toengi trying to make a comeback on the pages of FHM. Before you say something nasty like “she’s an old has-been,” I’ll have you know that back in the day, this chick was the “it” girl when it came to fap fantasies for many adolescent boys. In any case, she still looks good…and fuller in the chesticles, too!

Let’s take a trip down memory lane with pics from her previous FHM photo shoot…

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Top 5 Sexy Videogame Sluts We’d Fap To

I knew I had a problem when I was playing “Resident Evil 2” back in 1998 and I died because I was too busy fantasizing about the chick’s tight ass. Years later, I found out that I wasn’t alone. A lot of you pervs enjoy hot videogame babes just as much as I do.  Here are 5 of them that I wouldn’t mind trading pixels with. I feel good getting this out in the open. It’s almost like therapy.

5. Tifa Lockhart from “Final Fantasy”
Tifa Lockhart debuted in “Final Fantasy VII” and has been one of the most beloved characters of all time because of her physical and emotional strength, coupled with a sweet mini skirt and a bangin’ bod.

4. Samus from “Metroid”
In the history of kick-ass videogame women, Samus Aran reigns supreme. Not only does she head one of the most acclaimed Nintendo franchises ever, she has space combat down to a science. She’s lean, agile, and powerful—exactly what we gamers find so attractive in our video game heroines.

3. Jill Valentine from “Resident Evil”
Badass is sexy. Jill Valentine proves this each time she stars in a new Resident Evil game. And thank god she keeps coming back, because she also happens to get way hotter with each entry and has become the poster child for the Resident Evil franchise—she’s smart, resilient, feisty, and remarkably beautiful. It doesn’t hurt that she can pick locks and has a working knowledge of botany, either. 

2. Kasumi from “Dead or Alive”
Really, you could argue any “Dead or Alive” girl into this list, but there’s something really sexy about Kasumi that the other characters in the series seem to be missing. Maybe it’s the compassion that her character displays, or maybe it’s the fact that she has an appealing vulnerability in the way she carries herself. Whatever it is, Kasumi is a deadly fighter when she has to be, and a caring, passionate person when she doesn’t. In a game full of sexy, fatalistic fighters, separating from the pack is a truly impressive feat. And Kasumi has done just that.

1. Lara Croft from “Tomb Raider”
Lara Croft isn’t just a videogame character anymore. She’s a cultural icon. This cave-diving, treasure-hunting heroine is probably the most recognizable female in videogame history—and with good reason. She pioneered videogame protagonists with her witty, intelligent personality and striking good looks. Initially, though, her sexiness was supposed to come from her strength and intellect, but her trademark pistol holsters, tan shorts, and epic figure have made her into the ultimate sex symbol. Now, and most importantly, we can thank the developers at Core Design for the influx of strong, kick-ass women in videogaming. And there sure are a lot of them, but few have been able to reach the level of the original.
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Bruna Abdullah Hot Photo Shots for South Movie - Billa 2

Name: Bruna Abdullah was born on October 24, 1980, in Guaíba, Brazil. She is an Arab Brazilian model. She is known for her role as Giselle in Punit Malhotra's I Hate Luv Storys, alongside Imran Khan and Sonam Kapoor. However, she was first noticed on Channel V's show, India's Hottest. Bruna Abdullah is daughter of an Arabian father and Brazilian mother. Bruna has been stationed in Mumbai and has her eyes set on Bollywood. She performed an item song (Rehem Kare) for Anubhav Sinha’s Cash. Anubhav’s item song was the stepping-stone for her.

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