Top 5 Bizarre Sex Toys Molest The Shallow Man’s Mind

Every once in a while, we do this bit where we collect bizarre sex toys from around the web. I can’t do it too often as I usually break down in tears due to the horrors I find.

5. Unicorn Horn Dildo

Stuffing this into a chick’s vagina unlocks the door to the magic realm of Narnia…but then you have to crawl into her magic doorway-slash-snatch to be transported there.

4. Bike Dong Sex Machine

Here’s my ex-girlfriend biking to work in the morning.

3. Platinum Diamond Vibrator
Huh. This one looks normal, nothing strange here…except it’s made out of platinum. The end is rimmed with diamonds, and it costs $3,250. Ladies, for half of that I’ll rim the tip of my cock with diamonds and you can use me as your pleasure device whenever you want.

2. Rabbit Tail Butt Plug

I’m gonna save this one for Easter.

1. Prolapsed Fuckable Asshole

This is a distended prolapsed asshole for sticking your dick in. Got to say, this is one sex toy replica that is probably more fun to fuck than the real thing.

I approve of this message:


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