Sofia Vergara Licking Ice Cream Video

It is hot as fuck outside, so what better way to celebrate all the hot moms and their daughters trying to cool off together—playing out one of my fantasies—than posting a GIF of Sofia Vergara stuffing her fat ass face with ice cream like she can afford to eat the calories, you know, because she’s a 40-year-old mom and has fat tits and people appreciate her curves. Even though every time I see bitches eat ice cream, I get totally fucking disgusted, knowing just what they are doing to themselves, before remembering that if they don’t care about what goes into them, then I may have a fucking chance getting inside them.

I’m on my way to buy a Blizzard at Dairy Queen right now, because sucking a creamy white, high-calorie dairy product from a phallus-shaped object is sometimes too suggestive for my numb, desensitized soul to handle.

I approve of this message:

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