Iza Calzado in a Bikini is Perfection Achieved!

I was just walking behind this girl in tight short shorts and I was watching her ass. If anything, it was keeping me motivated to not take a break or pass out from being obese and unable to stand, let alone walk.

When I finally caught up to her, pretty much about to pass out or puke, asthmatic coughing and feeling my heart in my neck, not due to love but due to a high fat and high sodium diet…I saw that she had DD tits. But more importantly, I saw that she was probably 16 years old. Making me feel like a pervert, but wondering if hormones in the food would stand in court. I mean, if we could prove her DNA was that of an 18-year-old because the corporations started fucking with what we eat due to government subsidies and Congressional lobbyists…I lost my train of thought.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, would I be left off had I accidentally had sex with her? I’m gonna go with YES.

Anyhoo, here are sexy bikini pics of the very hot Iza Calzado. You’re welcome, sluts!

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