Good Morning! Let Brian McKnight Teach You Through Song How Your Pussy Works

Are you a lady who woke up this morning, looked down and thought to yourself, “Pussy, how does it work?” Well, don’t worry about spending the rest of your day searching through your kitchen junk drawer for your pussy instruction manual, because singing gynecologist Brian McKnight (the “Knight” stands for white knight of non-working pussies) is using the power of song to teach you where to find the start button on that pussay. But just so we’re clear, Brian McKnight is not talking about this kind of pussy:

The professor of pussyology started trending on Twatter after he released a preview of a coochie carol that will be on his new adult mix-tape. It’s the Brian McKnight song of Brian McKnight songs. Here’s a little taste of the lyrics and a little warning: Your pussy might start working as soon you read these beautiful words. So warn the bitches around you:

Let me show how your pussy works since you didn’t bring it to me first / I have a lot of things to show you if you’re ready to learn / Let me show you how your pussy works / Bet you didn’t know that it can squirt

My pussy started working and I don’t even have a pussy (contrary to popular belief)! Thank you, Brian McKnight for teaching me how pussies work. And now the half-broken jukebox in my head can stop playing “It’s just my three second ruuuu-uuuuuuuule” on a loop and start playing “Let me show you how your pussay weeeeeeeeeeerqs.”

I approve of this message:

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