Xenia Deli in a See-Thru Outfit and Showing Titties

I’ve been following the long, lucrative, expansive career of Xenia Deli for a three solid weeks now, because she’s some hot newcomer model who I figure we should encourage to show more of herself…because there is no way she won’t end up being in Sports Illustrated or Victoria’s Secret—I can predict these things…

The one thing that annoyed me about her is that, unlike all the other models from obscure foreign countries, she got out there by not showing her tits or naked body for fashion, in era when all models get naked for fashion, because it’s a competitive world for hot bitches who want the lazy good life.

Her refusal to show the goods and get naked rubbed me the wrong way. I was like “No bitch, you can’t get famous before getting naked! It will ruin the natural fucking process of becoming a top model.”

Luckily, today my concerns were dealt with and the people of Love Cat magazine said, “Bitch, you wanna be in our magazine? You gotta get naked like everyone else, otherwise we will ask another hot bitch who will.” And like all models looking to get ahead, she complied, and like all perverts who keep track of this shit, even though I don’t care about this shit (I just accidentally made it my life’s work), I looked on happily…

I approve of this message:

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