The Third And Final “Dark Knight Rises” Trailer Has Spoilers Galore!!!

The final trailer for “The Dark Knight Rises” premiered in front of “The Avengers” and it showed a lot. Maybe even more than you want to know.

Bane is famous for breaking Batman’s back in the comic book, and the clips of him dropping Batman’s mask and Wayne moving on a crutch seem to verify that will happen here too. Most already knew that.

What wasn’t entirely clear is if Joseph Gordon-Levitt would fill in for or even replace Wayne as Batman. This trailer might imply that he does, and it might even show Gordon-Levitt as Batman at the very end in the Batwing with Catwoman saying, “This isn’t a car.” The voice sounds very different.

I thought it also showed porn star Isis Love doing anal but it turns out my VLC player had just moved on to the next clip in my download folder. That would have been a very surprising twist.

I approve of this message:

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