More Pics of Hayden Panettiere’s Fake New Titties

I am in the breast implant phase of my life. For years I hated implants because buying them took no effort…or talent…or genetic competitive advantage.

I viewed implants as trashy, gutter, for stripper bitches, and I just wasn’t into them. But it turns out that implants save shitty tits, and shitty tits fucking suck! So if you can give a bitch new life, new confidence, while giving me something good to fucking stare at and jerk off to…I’m down.

Hayden Panettiere seems to have made the best decision in her life by getting a set of implants. Let’s face it, her broad shoulders and muscular body needed to be balanced out and made to look like a woman. Girl pecs were not fucking cutting it.

Nice tits midget freak. I want circus freaking on my dick like you were a child hooker and I was your dad.

I approve of this message:

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