Lady GaGa Nude Pics!!!

This is the part of my job (that isn’t actually a job) that I fucking hate. You know, like, when you’re working somewhere, and they tell you to clean the toilet...not that this is actually work, but this is one of those moments.

I hate it when I have to post nude outtakes from a photo shoot of a vile, played-out, annoying, full of shit, lie of a performer. Some ugly bitch who was fabricated to be the new Madonna for the new gay generation, who annoyingly pretends she’s a tranny…even though she looks like she could be a tranny.

I hate GaGa’s shit! I hate everything about her! I hate her sloppy body and I hate her disgusting saggy stretch mark tits. I hate her act. I hate her face. I hope she dies because people like her are the devil and do more damage to society than good. This is the proof…

But you know what? Despite having a face that always looks like it’s about to throw up, her ass is fucking incredible…and besides, I’ll always look at a bitch naked, even if I hate her. In fact, most bitches I see naked I hate.

I approve of this message:

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