Katy Perry Topless in Slutty Lace Garter Belt

Katy Perry is a talentless hack. She can’t sing, she can’t dance, but she does have huge boobs that I want to titty-fuck. This is the only good thing about Katy Perry. Unless you are suffering from the recession and her 45-million-dollars-a-year salary inspires you to want to fuck her. Truth be told, her vagina is enough to inspire me to fuck her, but it would be a very angry and hateful fuck…because she makes me angry and hateful. So I would fuck her and leave her bruised and degraded, with no self-esteem, just questions of what just happened to her. We call that Hit It to Hit It…if you know what I mean.

Yes. I’m a genius. Thanks for stopping by.

Anyhoo, here’s Katy Perry showing off her sinful feminine body in the sexy nude photo above. Enjoy, sluts!
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