Hot Mom Breastfeeding Kid on Time Cover

This is hot and disturbing all at the same time—pretty much the story of my sex life and masturbation habits. 

The story of a Time Magazine cover featuring a 3-year-old breastfeeding is fucking with my head because I know it’s pretty much sexual abuse at that point when your kid can say “yo mom, give your titty and let me suck that shit,” it’s usually too late in his life to be breastfeeding. He’s at the stage of his life when he’s gonna remember sucking his mom’s titties and that will lead to some psychological shit…all because mommy liked getting her titties sucked…liked her titties milk-filled…liked the attention she and her humiliated kid are getting. Little brat is like, “sorry guys, I can’t play today, my mom needs me to suck her tits now.” Arrest this bitch!

Oh you lesbian hippie moms…I’m not against breastfeeding or your movement. I love it and have jerked off to it, but this shit is just weird…especially since she’s kinda hot and I wanna be breastfeeding her…tasting her sweet lactation…so sweet you don’t need to add sugar when you make it into ice cream…

Weird and amazing.

I approve of this message:

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