Geneva Cruz is Naked for the Environment!!!

I finally got hate mail! Sure it’s probably from some ignorant fat chick who has only had sex once and luckily for her got pregnant so she’ll never be alone again, but it’s still hate mail.

I feel like it has been years since anyone, even ignorant fat chicks, have emailed me hate mail because they don’t get the jokes or understand that I can’t help but see the world as the fucked-up cesspool that it really is.

Here’s her email:

Wow…I was reading through your blog. You’re a despicable person. You’re a sorry waste of precious air for those others who aren’t so completely disgusting. You and your silly little blog make me want to vomit. 

One day ALL these terrible things you say about people will only come back on you ten fold. You should sit down and think about yourself. You’re the epitome of classless, low-down, filthy, disgusting, and hurtful people. 

You write all these terrible things about other people, yet you’re the lowest of the low. You need to sweep your doorstep before sweeping the doorstep of anyone else. You’re not perfect and until you are, you have no right to judge ANYONE.

I want better hate mail than this. Now here are naked pics of Pinay MILF, the very sexy Geneva Cruz. You’re welcome, pervs!

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