Celebrity Retro Nudity: Pyar Mirasol Hot Naked Pics!!!

I’ve been drinking and I am in a fucking hateful mood, so I’ve been sending fucking dirty, mean-spirited messages to bitches I hate but want to fuck…and to bitches I’ve fucked and want to hate.

I already got in one drunken fight with a girl on a bike. I got up in her face and called her “a dirty fucking whore” to her face—felt good to have that human touch, to see an actual response, because I call girls “whores” all day but never get the satisfaction of that look of shame and disgust on their faces.

It’s gonna be a good weekend. I may not live through it, but if things stick to how they’ve been today, at least I know I’ll put up a good fight. NOW JOIN ME IN SEDUCING BITCHES ON FACEBOOK WITH MY GENIUS!!!

Here are some more pictures of ‘90s Pinay bold star Pyar Mirasol to jerk off to while I break hearts…

I approve of this message:

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