Celebrity Retro Nudity: Patricia Javier Naked Pics!!!

Since none of you read the site, you are not A FAN OF THE SITE, so here’s what you are missing:

1. There are two kinds of girls: Those who masturbate to lesbian porn and those who masturbate to gangbang porn.

2. Sometimes I wonder if I am the only person trying to increase my carbon emissions in efforts to speed up the end of the world because we’re all doomed anyway, so let’s just all die together! Apocalypse is better than suicide.

3. The saddest thing about the Armenian genocide is that they didn’t exterminate the Kardashians.

4. Have you ever seen a girl who you think kinda wants to be raped…like, if you were to follow her ugly/fat/lonely ass into an alley, she’d be into it.

5. I hate eating out a whore knowing another guy’s sperm was likely not washed out of her properly before my going at her—always makes me feel gay.

6. Here a few pics of Pinay hottie Patricia Javier posing naked on a bed filled with feathers, making me think she just finished getting gangbanged by Big Bird and those fucked-up parrots from the movie “Rio.”

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