Celebrity Retro Nudity: Aubrey Miles Wet and Wild Naked Pics!!!

Sure, not enough girls “sext” with me, but those who do are pretty fucking perfect. I’m still hung-over from some hot fucking pussy pics just sent to me by a 19-year-old.

Sure, the site may not make me money or bring me fame, but shit gets me hotter pussy than I deserve—even if it is only in picture. Sometimes pictures from married bitches.

I know what some of you sanctimonious pricks are saying. You’re saying, “Joey, do you have no respectt for the sanctity of marriage?” Well, I don’t. In fact, some of my best relationships were with married chicks. That’s because you get none of the bullshit. They save that for their husbands. Fucking whores…

Anyhoo, here’s another hot married chick who doesn’t sext me. Check out these sexy pics of Pinay hottie Aubrey Miles taking a shower. 

I approve of this message:

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