Angel Locsin is Drop Dead Sexy in a Bikini!!!

Last Mother’s Day, I got drunk and slept all day because my mother is dead and my wife isn’t my mother although she’s fat enough to look like she’s pregnant with me…but that doesn’t count.

I did go outside and see a lot of people together who looked like they didn’t want to be together—disappointment and resentment everywhere. I saw new families trying to look excited and I saw a few lonely girls with no babies, angry at their younger sisters for beating them to the filled-up uterus. But most importantly, I saw a chick tanning topless. I think she really grasped the meaning of Mother’s Day: showing titties I want to suck and feed off of like the 3-year-old on the cover of Time magazine. Sometimes leaving the house isn’t that bad…

Anyhoo, here are more sexy pics of the heavenly Angel Locsin. Enjoy, sluts!

I approve of this message:

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