This Is Art: The Butter Dance

Melati Suryodarmo, Indonesian performance artist and creator of lard-stained WTFs, birthed out this butter dance two years ago and there’s a chance your brain has already shut down while trying to process all 6 minutes, but let’s watch it all over again, because who needs functioning brain cells, right? I’ve been proving that you don’t for the past 7 years!

Melati slips on a pair of patent leather fuckum heels and gracefully surfs on a board of butter on a Land O’Lake before having several BITCH GOES DOWN moments. This IS art. Art is always open to interpretation and I’m interpreting this as everything from the birth of Jessica Simpson’s baby to Khloe Kardashian’s idea of a Slip ‘n Slide. Or maybe the butter represents what happens to our brains while we watch every second of this beautiful mess.

And yes, this is why the name “Melati Suryodarmo” is #1 on Norway’s Most Wanted Criminal list.

I approve of this message:

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