Savor “Vagina Cuisine” a.k.a. Flavor Up That Pussy!!!

I’ve been thinking about starting a new blog that’s all about how much I love eating pussy. I’m crazy about stuffing myself in cunt—the taste, the smell, everything about it! Licking the clit, getting my fingers in there and feeling them crushed by the contractions while I’m licking—cunnilingus is my jam, man. When a chick sleeps over I always eat her out the next morning too before the kick-out. I’m no fan of smelly dirty puss but I love the one-day-old, day-after unshowered vag in my mouth.

I can’t understand the men who hate going downtown and who hate the taste. It’s for you nutty haters that “Vagine Cusine” exists. It’s a new supplement that will make a woman’s fun place taste like the best food out there like Eggs Benedict, spicy fajita, and Texas Chili:

Okay, this is just a comedy sketch. “Vagine Cuisine” isn’t real…thankfully. Though now I do kinda want to slather my girl in Hollandaise.

I approve of this message:

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