Rihanna’s Hard Nipples in the Offensive “Princess of China” Music Video

I didn’t watch Rihanna’s new video, partially because I really have better things to do with my time, but mostly because I don’t really give a fuck about Rihanna and I hate her fucking music and the fact that at the Time 100 People Awards, she said she’s glad they awarded her because she’s just being herself or some other bullshit lie like her shitty songs polluting our brains and the airwaves.

I can assume the video is offensive, just based on the title, and I’m hoping there is a backlash from China, stopping production on her merchandise. Because if someone said they were a princess of anything of mine, especially a gutter black chick from the islands who was a child prostitute, I’d be pretty mad at how entitled she felt. I’d likely arrest her for the false claim as we all know a percentage of her idiot fans probably think she’s actually a Princess of China, which is bad for the Chinese’s global image.

The only thing she’s a princess of, even with her hundreds of millions of dollars, is her own cunt life that luckily we don’t have to deal with or listen to her whine, because newly rich trash is the fucking worst.

Here’s the video…

I approve of this message:

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