Rihanna Turns Up The Hotness in GQ Germany

I already mentioned in previous posts how Rihanna’s bad ass turns into a fantastic ass thanks to Photoshop, good angles, lighting, and tons of make-up.

You’d think a bitch from the islands who runs around on stage all night and who got to where she is by being a prostitute would know a thing about maintaining a hot ass. But then, you figure she has more money than the entire population of Barbados combined so she doesn’t need to give a fuck anymore. Especially when she has all these digital artists and professional beauticians making up for her bad diet and lazy habits.

She’s hit or miss—hot sometimes, annoying other times. She’s horrible and not able to take a punch, then able to milk that punch for all the attention possible. But when she’s half naked…all that is wrong with her and her bad music….kinda disappears.

I approve of this message:
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