Paz De La Huerta Spreading Her Ass

Paz De La Huerta is awesome. She reminds me of some crackhead party girl hipster, fucked up in the corner, pulling her tits out for everyone to see, because she’s all wild like that. You know, taking on photoshoots that pay her just fifty bucks or even nothing, because she likes the fantasy that maybe one day she’ll be a model, or because that fifty bucks will buy her a forty dollar bag of cocaine with ten dollars leftover for a cocktail. Bitch will do anything for fucking attention…and I love it!

I don’t know if Paz was always this willing to get naked to get ahead, but she was on TV for a while, on a show where she got naked, and now that it’s over, she’s getting in front of as many people willing to take nude photos of her as possible. That’s the kind of drive I look for in my crackheads…because it usually means easy blowjobs.

I approve of this message:

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