Paz De La Huerta is a Naked, Dirty Gutter Slut and I Love It!

I am a fan of dirty hipsters who look like they don’t shower because they’re too busy getting fucked up at after parties but who like to get naked. Because being wild, crazy and willing to get naked is a huge part of being a “who gives a fuck about what people think” hipster.

They are the creative, eccentric, strange because it’s cool to be a weird, semi-intellectual, trying hard, future of progressive thought in song, writing, fashion, partying…and in Paz De La Huerta’s case, getting naked in front of a camera as long as someone will watch, take pics, and put it out there…since she’s out of work.

She’s not the hottest, but her willingness to just go with it while looking messed up on all levels makes her better than the girls I ask to get naked for me, who all refuse. Cunts.

I approve of this message:
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