Maggie Q’s Tattooed Ass

Maggie Q is some old (as far as I’m concerned, at 32) bitch from Hawaii who’s half Asian. More interestingly, she’s also half Vietnamese, because her white daddy worked for the government and fell in love with a local bitch during the Vietnam war. Fucker saved her by bringing her to Hawaii where they produced this bitch a few years later. It’s a fate far more exciting than living under Communism as a hooker…or getting blown the fuck up by leftover landmines and angry North Vietnamese who hate you because you allied with Americans and killed their family and villages before they took everyone out.

She’s been in one or two American movies, the rest of her career has been “the Asian American” in Asian movies, where she probably has a huge fan base, because she’s got white in her and that makes her exotic to them.

Now she’s in Inked magazine showing a lot of ass, but not as much skin as I’d expect from someone with her level of fame. You can’t please everyone, not even me…unless you get naked…no matter who you are…because I have low standards.

I approve of this message:
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